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Abbott Luncheons


Contact team co-leads for more information.

     LaTanya Abbott-Austin ( and

     Melinda Ennis-Roughton (





The Abbott Institute membership luncheons have been the primary method of connecting with our members, providing updates to our mission, soliciting involvement and presenting relevant speakers and topics for discussion.  The luncheons have traditionally occurred on the second Saturday of the month, except in the summer when we take a hiatus.  Programming has included everything from the 1619 Project to the Challenges of Women in the Workplace.




In the coming year, when we hope to have in person meetings again, we have secured Lady K’s, a black woman-owned business on Altama Drive.  The restaurant is spacious with fabulous soul food.  It’s owned and operated by Kristie Cameron, a woman who has spent the last year selflessly serving others by providing free lunches to children in the community, throughout the pandemic.  We are currently planning our October luncheon and the luncheons for the next year at this location.


Abbott Role:


We seek to bring relevant topics and interesting speakers to our luncheon that will stimulate insights and membership discussions.  Topics and speakers should showcase the amazing cultural and racial diversity of our community (Glynn County and Coastal Georgia) while stimulating or supporting efforts and ideas that fulfill our mission.  We welcome team members to assist with planning, organizing and publicizing our monthly luncheons.



Special Group Excursions and Events


To volunteer, contact Donna Bassett or Diane Knight




Organize and promote member excursions to events, programs and sites that support the Abbott Institute mission of fostering relationships between people of multi-cultural backgrounds.


Outcomes include:

  • enhanced understanding of social issues and the history surrounding them
  • increased understanding and respect for people of all cultures, and
  • assisting membership in expanding their knowledge and awareness in order to overcome divisiveness.


These mindfully planned activities will provide hands-on, real world experiences that will build cognitive, social, and emotional structures to help participants in furthering their personal efforts to promote racial harmony and diversity.


Activities will include:

  • Attending relevant movies or other performances
  • Visits to historical sites/historical tours
  • Supporting activities/programs of like-minded organizations by attending as a group


Implementation steps:

  • Research potential activities by reviewing upcoming events, new movies and coordinating with other organizations
  • Present proposed activities to BOD
  • Aim for at least one activity per quarter
  • Work out logistics
  • Notify membership of activity about one month in advance
  • After the activity, ask members to complete a short questionnaire about the activity
  • Encourage discussion of the activity among members


International Festival


Contact Team lead Melinda Ennis-Roughton:




For the last several years, the Abbott Institute has partnered with the College of Coastal Georgia to mount an International Festival, which celebrates cultural diversity through displays, activities, food and performances.  Last year the Festival was cancelled due to Covid.  We are hoping to re-launch the event in April of 2022.




Abbott is responsible for sponsorships, marketing and supervision of the event.  The prior contacts at the College are no longer there.  However, a new department, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, headed by J. Quinton Staples, has been established. We hope to work with Mr. Staples and the College to relaunch the event.


Abbott Institute Role:


Our next steps are to re-establish our connection with the College, including Mr. Staples and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  We will work to establish the International Festival again, perhaps looking at new possibilities and creative ideas to expand the reach and participation of the Festival.   We are seeking committee members to help with this endeavor.





Promote awareness of minority and Black history in the Golden Isles

Contact Team lead Donna Bassett:




Encourage more awareness of minority and Black history in the Golden Isles to

support the Abbott Institute vision of helping people to honestly engage in history in

order to live more truthfully in the present.


Team: Andrea Lawson, Carolyn Carver, Donna Bassett


Outcomes include enhanced understanding of social issues and the history surrounding them, increased understanding and respect for people of all cultures, and assisting membership in expanding their knowledge and awareness in order to overcome divisiveness.


Implementation steps:

  • Identify minority and Black historical figures and events in the Golden Isles and compile into a document
  • Identify media outlets, historical organizations and tourism outlets that can help promote this objective
  • Coordinate with other organizations such as the Brunswick African American Cultural Center and SSAAHC
  • Contact outlets in advance of pertinent dates so they can write feature articles, etc.
  • Promote to membership on Facebook and through email
  • Encourage discussion among members


Weeping Times Project in Savannah (March 2 & 3)


Contact Team lead Melinda Ennis-Roughton:




The Weeping Time is the term given to describe the largest auction of enslaved people in the history of the United States, which occurred outside of the city of Savannah at Ten Broeck Racetrack on March 2 and 3, 1859.  At that time, 436 men, women and children were taken to the auction block and sold from plantations in Darien and St. Simons Island, Georgia owned by Pierce Butler. The $300K+ proceeds were used to pay off his gambling debts.  For both days of the auction, it rained incessantly, as if even God was weeping over this calamity against humanity.

What:   Today only a modest marker commemorates one of the greatest tragedies in American history.  Currently, the old racetrack where the auction occurred is slated to be developed into a Goodwill distribution warehouse.  A group called The Weeping Time Coalition, led by Reverend Small and Pastor Larry J. Gordon of nearby Solomon Temple Church of God are spearheading an effort to stop the development and work to create a true memorial on the site.


Abbott Institute Role:


The Abbott Institute will work with local historical societies and The Weeping Time Coalition to create an event on the dates of The Weeping Time.   And we further propose that we engage with The Weeping Time Coalition to support their efforts to preserve and commemorate the site of such unfathomable grief experienced by our fellow American citizens.  We are seeking committee members to help with this endeavor.





Providing Effective Online Anti-Racist Resources and Outreach


To volunteer, call or text Roxane George at 928-607-7369 or email


This team will develop infrastructure, processes and templates to effectively use our website/emails/social media and other media as a go-to resource and clearinghouse for all we do and support in the community. Goals include providing educational resources and tools for activism plus promoting the work of all the groups and individuals in the community who share our vision.

Tasks will include

  • Redesigning our website and to make it easy to update and easy for folks to find what they need
  • Training team members in using online tools and effective messaging/communications
  • Building a community calendar and system for promoting events from all the community groups and individuals doing anti-racism and restorative work that supports our mission and vision
  • Collecting and creating resources
  • Developing social media memes and other creative ways to use social media for our purposes
  • Working with all Abbott teams to promote events, developments and achievements and more



Anti-racism dialogues, training and workshops


Contact Team lead Roxane George at or 928-607-7369


This team will provide opportunities for facilitated cross-cultural dialogues, anti-racism training and workshops in 2021-22. These opportunities will promote shared growth and learning in a safe environment and advance the vision and goals of the Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute, particularly:

  • To honestly engage in history;
  • To promote social justice and address racial bias;
  • To bring about healing and reconciliation;
  • To provide essential community resources; and
  • To constantly learn and grow


The approaches we use may include:

  • Anti-racism Workshops for White People (Roxane and Andrea co-leaders);
  • Community workshops like the Center for the Healing of Racism’s Dialogue Racism;
  • Education to tell the truth about American history
  • Critical Race Theory – what is it really and how does it apply?
  • Special programs


We welcome volunteer team members to assist with planning, organizing and publicizing our trainings and workshops.




The Abbott Institute


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