The Abbott Institute

501 (c) (3)



     Diane Knight - Treasurer

Diane Knight has served as Treasurer of the Abbott Board since 2011.  Her attraction to the work of The Abbott Institute stems from her desire to live in a community where people seek common ground and learn from each other, regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, age, or any other factor that might serve to separate groups from each other.  She could identify no other organization that was working specifically on creating harmony among the sometimes disparate parts of the social milieu.

Diane graduated from Georgia Southern University and then earned a Masters Degree in Education at Georgia State University.  She later studied Fine Arts at San Jose State University in California.  Over the span of her career, she taught elementary school, mostly second grade, in DeKalb County and Glynn County.  During her two decades in California, she worked in publishing, then started her own press, Knighttime Publications.  She traveled the West Coast and Western Canada searching for small mom-and-pop Bed & Breakfast accommodations to compile into a guidebook, which she updated every two years.

After moving to St Simons Island in 1998, she taught three-and-a-half years at Altama Elementary before retiring.  Always an avid traveler, she and husband, Ray, began to travel even more than usual.  They discovered the joys of home exchanging in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and it is now their preferred mode of travel.  When not away, Diane devotes much time and energy to Social Justice work, through both Unitarian Universalists of Coastal Georgia and The Abbott Institute.



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