The Abbott Institute

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     Roxane George -

Roxane George’s family lived and traveled to many places when she was a child, exposing her to a diversity of people and cultures. She considers herself to have mostly “grown up” in Nashville, Tennessee.  Roxane spent most of her adult life in Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona before moving to Brunswick in 2017.

For over 30 years, Roxane has worked in a variety of roles with non-profit organizations focused on social justice, wildlands conservation, animal welfare, direct service and the arts. She co-founded and directed the Flagstaff Activist Network, a grassroots group that provided community organizing, non-violence training, media and other support for Northern Arizona social justice and environmental causes. She has been employed by several Southwestern Coalitions, and for over 20 years was involved with the Sierra Club, including its Environmental Justice program, as a staff member and as a volunteer.

Since 2007, Roxane has been a self-employed non-profit consultant, helping dozens of amazing organizations to increase their capacity, to improve their organizational and public communications and to become more strategic and effective in their actions. Throughout her professional life, Roxane has promoted inclusivity and healthy communication as key values for organizational success and strong communities.

She is honored to serve on the Abbott Institute Board and excited to have the opportunity to use her skills and experience in training, group facilitation and grant-writing to promote the organization’s vision of  “a community where healing and reconciliation are commonplace amongst people of all identities, social justice is upheld and honored, and people honestly engage in history in order to live more truthfully in the present.”




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