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     Lori K Brooks -

At the present time, Lori Brooks is a full-time student at the College of Coastal Georgia. She is seeking a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Community Development and Leadership. Upon completion, she will be pursuing a master’s degree in Social Work. In her employment as a student assistant at the College of Coastal Georgia, she has held numerous positions. She worked for the Office  of the President, Academic Affairs, and as an Orientation Leader. She has recently been hired as the Community Service Outreach mentor, for the TRiO program at the College of Coastal Georgia. In this position she will be able to help low income, disabled students, and first generational students, who may need outside social services that will assist them with their economic mobility.

As a collegiate on the move, Lori has held different staff positions among many club organizations. She was the VP of Development/Treasurer for the Rotoract Club, she held the title of Sargeant at Arms for the EWMP club, and the Treasurer of the Drama Club.

She has been on the frontline battle, working in the positions of Chief of Staff/Secretary for the re-establishment of the Black Student Union Club. Through these positions she has acquired vast knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the organizations. Lori is a wife, mother, activist, educator, and confident to those in need. Her passion lies in being compassionate, uplifting and the education of young people who are trying to find their way.




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