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CCGA 4th Annual International Festival 4/24/2015

On April 24, 2015 the College of Coastal Georgia’s campus was filled with participants during the fourth annual International Festival, One World Many Faces. The festival was coordinated by Diane Knight with the Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute. The day celebrates different cultures through art, music, food, performances, and more. Photos by Dickerson Arts.

"All of our perspectives are relatively small in scope, given the vast amount of knowledge we have not learned, experiences we have not had, places we have not been, people we have not met, cultures we have not experienced..."  -- Phil Morrison

2nd Annual International Festival


The second annual International Festival April 12, 2013, at the College of Coastal Georgia. The festival is co‐sponsored by the College and the Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute.


The purpose of the Abbott Institute’s participation in the Festival is based on our recognition that removing racial prejudice from the hearts of all people has been and will continue to be long and arduous. The Festival, based on the theme “One World—Many Faces,” offers an opportunity to take one small step along this pathway by exploring the beauty of the world’s many cultures; celebrating a commitment to multiculturalism, diversity and inclusivity; experiencing new understandings, ideas and cultural beliefs; and preparing our youth to contribute their talents as global citizens. Simply put, diversity breeds unity - -




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